you have decide to get married within a very short term – between three months and three weeks. We will do our best to satisfy your wishes even beyond your expectations.

VIP service: for those who wish to focus on some moments of the wedding day or want to get some exceptional service we can offer the services of the great fashion designers, the best chefs, professional actors etc.

"You saved our wedding.
Without your help we would have been lost"

The only thing we cannot guarantee is the fine weather. Besides:







 Art du Mariage Genève :
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SOS for the marriage:
- The groom must undergo urgent surgical intervention?
- The reception hall has burnt into ashes?
- The hairdresser informed in the last minute he would not come?…
The most important then is to know the right telephone number

The fairy of the day:
this is the personal adviser of the bride from the morning till the beginning of the ceremony. She will help her with the dressing, the preparation of the last details and will find a solution for each small problem of the last minute.

Your guests: we offer “booking” service to your guests. Thus they can easily book a room in a hotel at the best price. This is unique and very useful service, indeed.